What's Coming in 2022-23?


Southbank’s next season will focus on the power of political protest and finding our voices through performance.

Valerie’s world is turned upside down when the administration at St. Sebastian University denies her application for tenure. As she attempts to save her career from free fall, the costs to Valerie and her star student, Marina, become too high. How much should be sacrificed for a job?

Angela is trapped in her basement, waiting out an approaching tornado. Though a self-proclaimed unreliable narrator, she begins to reflect on a lifetime of trauma, illuminating the truth behind her endangerment. Based on Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy, Natural Shocks is a damning condemnation of violence, abuse, and firearms in America. (Trigger warnings: domestic violence, guns)

Hey, we all need laugh now and then, right? We’ll be producing Plato’s Cave, Defiant Man, The Kiss, The Interview, Surprise, Scripted, The Rental, The Folks — none of which have ever been produced in Indianapolis. Equal parts funny and touching, Levine’s plays will be a night to remember! (Trigger warnings: You might laugh hard enough to wet your pants!)

Seven years into the Trojan War, there appears to be no end in sight. What started out as a fight to return Helen of Troy to her husband, Menelaus, has become a hypocrite’s battle for soldiers on both sides. While the men indulge their deepest desires, the women become the pawns. Who controls women’s bodies and their destinies? And is there hope in a world where politics overrule the needs and desires of women? (Trigger warnings: violence, oppression)