Southbank Theatre Company

Audition for our shows!

Our second season will include:

The Profession by Marcia Eppich-Harris

Natural Shocks by Lauren Gunderson

Didn’t See That Coming by Mark Harvey Levine

Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare

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Audition for The Profession
Directed by Elisabeth Speckman

Auditions will take place Sunday, July 24, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at Marcia Eppich-Harris’s house, 4621 Melbourne Road, Indianapolis, IN 46228. (Note: there are two cats and a dog at the house; however, we can keep them separate from auditions. If you’re allergic to pets, and need alternate accommodations, please email Marcia.) Sign up on the Calendar AND fill out the audition form. Thank you! 

For auditions, you will be asked to read from provided sides. Rehearsal schedules will be created with actor availability in mind, but typically include at least one weekend evening rehearsal. All actors will be paid a stipend of $100 and receive two comp tickets.  

Show Dates: Thursday – Sunday, September 15-25, at Fonseca Theatre. 

Synopsis: Valerie’s world is turned upside down when the administration at St. Sebastian University denies her application for tenure. As she attempts to save her career from free fall, Valerie’s integrity is put to the test. How much should be sacrificed for a job? 

Setting: St. Sebastian University, a fictional Midwestern Catholic college; and The Cat Nip, a Gentlemen’s Club near St. Sebastian. 

Available Roles

MARK TOWNSEND Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at St. Sebastian. He has his PhD in Mathematics and no people skills. He is secretly attracted to Valerie. He frequents the Cat Nap and pays for sex. 50s-60s, cis-male, white.

PAUL STOCKTON Professor of Theology at St. Sebastian. He comes across as a “good guy,” but is incredibly flawed. Though married with children, he becomes attracted to a student. He also frequents the Cat Nap and pays for sex. 40s, cis-male, ethnicity open. *Please note that this role requires acts or simulated acts of intimacy (kissing, caressing, etc.)

FLINT Manager of The Cat Nip, a “gentleman’s club.” Age and race/ethnicity open. Male presenting.

LUCY A stripper, sex worker, and confidante to Marina. Late 30s-40s. Female-presenting, race/ethnicity open. Dancer/mover preferred but not required. *Please note that this role requires acts or simulated acts of intimacy (kissing, caressing, etc) as well as simulated stripping.

JILL CARTER Chair of English at the college. An opportunist. 60s+, female-presenting, race/ethnicity open.

The roles of VALERIE HARDY and MARINA DECKER have been cast.

Because of the subject matter of this play, we request that all those auditioning be age 18 and older. An intimacy director will be helping to direct and stage all acts and simulations of intimacy.

First step: Fill out the audition form below. 

Second Step: Pick ONE time slot that works with your schedule.