Seneca and the Soul of Nero Rehearsals Begin Today!

Rehearsals for Seneca and the Soul of Nero started today, with David Mosedale (Seneca), Jenni White (Pompeia Paulina), and Noah Winston (Lucan) trying on their roles together for the first time with director, Doug Powers! 

Huge thanks to the Speak Easy coworking space in Broad Ripple for allowing us to use our memberships to create rehearsal space for the show. After Labor Day, we’ll rehearse in IndyFringe,  but until then — what a beautiful place to work in, eh? We love it there! 

We are preparing a great season of plays focused on history and our modern world. That comes with a lot of associated costs! (Starting with paying for rights for those productions, ranging between $1,200 up to $5,000 for musicals! And oh boy, do we want to do a musical!! )  Southbank is dedicated to performing dynamic, modern shows with diverse casts and big messages!! Every donation helps us fulfill our mission! Give now!

Photos courtesy of Aric Harris.

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