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Masks and Vaccination Policy

We might all be “done” with Covid, but it sure isn’t done with us. The news has been fairly harrowing lately, and so, in the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share Southbank’s masks and vaccines policy moving forward.

  1. Cast and Crew vaccination policy: Today, we announced to the cast of our first play, Seneca and the Soul of Nero, that cast and crew are required to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in Southbank productions. This is for the safety of all participants, especially any and all people who need to be close to each other and/or share intimate scenes.
  2. Indoor rehearsal: participants need to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, while we are rehearsing at the Speak Easy, based on the building policy.
  3. Audiences: We anticipate that masks will be required for all audience members, based on current information for IndyFringe audience members. If you aren’t comfortable attending in-person events, no problem! We will be filming and streaming Seneca and the Soul of Nero, so you’ll be able to watch it maskfree in the comfort of your home. We’d love to have you participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.

We will update everyone as new information comes to light. For now, stay safe, and keep creating!

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