Auditions being accepted for Natural Shocks!

Natural Shocks is a 60-minute, one-woman tour-de-force play that bursts to life when we meet a woman waiting out an imminent tornado in her basement. Angela, our fast-talking heroine, overflows with quirks, stories, and a final secret that puts the reality of guns in America in your very lap. The play is part confessional, part stand up, and part reckoning.

Who can audition? Actors who are cis, trans, or non-binary willing to present as female for this role. Ethnicity, age, and shape are open. The role is described as a woman, probably 40 years old, maybe younger, maybe older. (We are happy to accept any age and will pick whoever we feel is right for the role.) She’s funny, smart, she thinks fast, she rambles, she is self deprecating. She is feeling everything as it happens. She is trying not to lie, but she always does. She is trying to survive. Resilient, hopeful, optimistic, not sorry for herself. She can be any race, from any region, with any accent.

Deadline: September 30 — but if you need more time over the weekend, we can be somewhat flexible.

More information is available on our auditions page!

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