What are audiences saying about Troilus and Cressida?

Glenn Dobbs of Bard Fest:

Casey Ross of Catalyst Repertory Company:

Becky Schlomann, Director, Actor, and Theatre Educator:

Doug Powers: Director and Actor

There are so many posts like this on social media that we couldn’t possibly include them all! You can check out our TikTok for some reaction videos and more!

And what about the critics?

We’ve had some good reviews, too, and we’re waiting for a couple more. Here are the first reviews to come out:

A Seat on the Aisle, by Daniel Shock

Questioning the male animal at his most controlling: Southbank’s “Troilus and Cressida,” by Jay Harvey

Lust, War, and Politics: Powerful world premiere of Troilus and Cressida: The Musical, by Rita Kohn

Troy story gets musical treatment, giving women their say, by John Belden

Come see Troilus and Cressida: the Musical at Shelton Auditorium, Thursday-Sunday until July 23! Tickets can be bought at the door or online!

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